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TNT Angus is a family owned and operated farm and ranch. TNT Angus is comprised of Terry and Mavis Carter. Their son Troy, his wife Jeri, their daughter Harlee and son Coy. 

In 1995, TNT Angus was founded, a registered Black Angus herd that Terry and Troy started. The Angus herd was started by selecting top end females from top notch operations around the upper Midwest. Quality over quantity has always been the main objective. You will find sound structured high performing cattle that are ran much like a commercial operation. The cow herd is the strength of the operation not an afterthought. Fertility, udder quality, and production are the driving forces behind what we have procured in our females. This is very much a breeding program not a feeding program.


At a time when fads go from one extreme to the other our operation hasn’t changed its focus. We understand the needs of commercial operations, and that pounds are always a premium when our customers sell their calves. We have not strayed from that. We strive to use genetics that will keep us moving forward without sacrificing structural integrity, maternal traits, or phenotype.

If you have any questions on the cattle or would like more information, we hope you will stop by the ranch or give us a call. We would love to hear from you!


Troy Carter


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